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Fr Raymond Gahan
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Sacristan Eamonn Darcy
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Crossbridge Church

The church at Crossbridge was built in 1825 –which means it is one hundred and ninety years old. It replaced the old thatched church at Kilcromer in the townsland of Ballinamanogue, which was burned to the ground on the night of 11th November 1798. This burning, one of nine such acts which took place on the same night in the north Ferns area, was committed by the yeomen and militia in reprisal , no doubt, for the activities of the insurgents in the area. The town of Tinahely had been burned by the rebels during the insurrection.

As the church at Kilcromer lay in ruins, the curate at the time, Fr. Peter Doyle, and a deputation from the area approached the local landlord with a request for a site for a new building. It was refused. A local farmer, Timothy Mulhall, pointed to a field on his own land, known as “The Cabbage patch” and promised it as a site for a new church as soon as the crop was saved.

Timothy was great grandfather to the Mulhall family still living in Crossbridge. The work on the church was built mostly by voluntary labour and by contributions raised within the community. Earl Fitzwilliam who was known as a generous and humane landlord, also gave some financial assistance.

The new church was officially opened and dedicated to Sts. Peter and Paul on 29th June 1825. The seats were donated by families from the area, and down through the years many more artifacts and sacred objects were provided by the parishioners. These included the six stained glass windows, Stations of The Cross, statues of The Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph and many more. The Sacristy lamp in front of the altar was donated in the 1960s by Bishop Joseph Green of Nevada USA in memory of his mother , Margaret Kennedy of Whiterock. Bishop Green always made a point of visiting Crossbridge whenever he came to Europe.

The Church is in a very attractive setting and has become popular as a venue for weddings. Although there is no shop in Crossbridge, yet among the people living in the area, there is a strong sense of community, that is centred about the church and the school. Up until recenly Crossbridge had it's own priest, but because of the shortage of vocations, the church is now served out of Tinahealy. There is usually mass in this church on Wednesdays and Fridays with veneration of the Blessed Sacrament all day on Tuesday. There is no vigil mass in Crossbridge but the Sunday morning mass is at 9 o clock.